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Hangar Flying

So, yet another Sunday morning of poor flying weather, with marginal VFR conditions over Taunton but lower clouds all around. Oh well, that’s New England!

Luckily the Taunton Pilots Association had planned their first monthly hangar breakfast for this week. It was a shame that friends could not fly in to join us, but we’ll hope for better weather next time.

Frank, Al, Steve and Nina did the setup and cooking. Luckily we didn’t run out of food! We’ll have more “vittles” (as Frank says) on hand next month.


We were fortunate to have TPA Life Member Sue King in attendance at breakfast, even though she had to drive from the summer cottage on the Cape to be with us. Her family started our airport over ninety years ago, and where we were standing in the hanger was once the King Dairy Farm. Ironically, she couldn’t get through the gate without one of us “newcomers” going out to let her in, since for reasons none of us can fathom, management does not allow the gate access codes to work on the weekends!


Also in attendance was Almost-a-Private-Pilot Max Frattasio, age 17, who completed the oral exam and pattern work of his private pilot check-ride this week. When the examiner asked him about starting out on the cross country phase, Max wisely replied that the 1,400 foot ceiling was a bit too low to venture to New Haven. So hopefully, he will complete the cross-county and air-work requirements to obtain his private pilot certificate before our next breakfast flight.

Happy Flying!