“Fortune Favors The Bold”

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My name is Doug Cooper and I self-publish my stories as D. S. Cooper.

My writing often brings the reader into the wild corners of the sea and the sky, where my characters feel most at home. I like surprises, and I like to write about people who are quirky, flawed, and trying to be kind to one another, even when it doesn’t come easily.


Whom Fortune Favors Cover

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A thriller bristling with intrigue and twists-of-fate when pilots Connor Laird and Ali Vasquez go up against drug smugglers and rogue CIA operatives to find Ali’s parents and recover her lost family fortune in Cuba.

Written in Cooper’s sparse and easy to read style, Whom Fortune Favors is a page-turner with memorable heroes and villains leading Connor and Ali to a clandestine landing strip deep in the Florida Everglades, where lies the truth.

D. S. Cooper’s books are only available from Amazon.com


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Readers, please feel free to contact me directly at doug@dscooperbooks.com

All comments are appreciated!



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