“Fortune Favors The Bold”

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My name is Doug Cooper and I self-publish my novels as D. S. Cooper.

I have been a professional mariner and an avid aviator for many years so my writing naturally brings the reader into the wild corners of the sea and the sky where my characters feel most at home. I favor adventure and surprises and I enjoy knowing and  writing about people who are quirky and flawed and trying to be kind to one another … even when it doesn’t come easily.

Please feel free to contact me directly via eMail at doug@dscooperbooks.com or use the response form at the bottom of the page.

All comments are appreciated!

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2 thoughts on “Home”

  1. Jeff Bsuer said:

    I just read “Royals All The Way!” That you signed for John G. He loaned me the book. Being a Dalit for 40 years and living on Cape it was a fun read. Really enjoyed the ending.

    Looking forward to flying with you again back from Mike’s to 5B6. You must have a boat load of stories about your time aboard the Eagle. Would enjoy hearing some next time.
    Be well,
    Jeff “Doc” Bauer


  2. This is brule. Love the web page. Waiting for the next book. The last two books were great waiting for the third sequel to be published. Waiting to find out the fate of the characters I have grown to like. Keep the ship pointed into the wind. Thanks JIm


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