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Douglas S. Cooper

My name is Doug Cooper and I began writing eBooks and paperbacks for Amazon several years ago while I was recovering from a serious flying accident.  I was born in New York City but I’ve always lived close to the sea and the sky as a mariner, aviator and deep-sea diver.

My hunger for adventure brought me to the US Coast Guard as a young man where I later served aboard nine ships including the tall ship EAGLE. Later as a professional mariner I worked hard to become an Ocean Master of both power and sailing vessels and I spent more than a decade aboard workboats in the Gulf of Mexico and in New England waters.

The sky is an ocean too so I obtained a Private Pilot license in 1979 and I currently hold a Commercial Airman’s Certificate with Instrument and Multi-engine ratings. I’ve owned four small airplanes at various times but I lost my right leg seven years ago when I was landing my 1946 Aeronca Champ at Myricks Airfield–it was a senseless accident that shouldn’t have happened–but it did. So I now fly a 1964 Piper Cherokee 180 that has been adaped for hand rudder controls.

Many of the characters and events of my novels have been inspired by my shipmates and the aviators I have known–which might explain a lot–since sailors and pilots and the women and men who love them can be an offbeat group and things do happen.  All in all it’s been a ball.

These days I’d describe myself as full-time airport bum and part-time writer and I live in Bristol, Rhode Island, USA


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