Royals All The Way!


“You have to go out, but you don’t have to come back, ” was the Surfman’s Creed in the days of the US Lifesaving service, when iron men rowed open boats through the surf and storms and howling gales to rescue mariners in distress. This is the story of three youthful inheritors of that tradition in modern times, serving in America’s only military service dedicated to safety and security at sea.

Royals All The Way! is a story of love and honor among shipmates, which begins when cadets Ben Laird, Melinda Alley and Kyle Van Kamp first set sail aboard the U. S. Coast Guard Academy’s tall ship EAGLE, never suspecting that their careers might lead to star-crossed love and murder charges. But years later, while serving in command of patrol boats and rescue helicopters in the turbulent waters around Cape Cod, they discover the true meaning of their service’s core values of “Honor, Respect and Devotion To Duty.”

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