Dread Boat

Terror on the 9 o’clock ferry to Nantucket!

This dark story reprises some of my favorite characters.

Lieutenant Melinda Van Kamp returns from Royals All The Way! in command of the Coast Guard Cutter Tuckernuck, the nearest patrol craft to the ill-fated ferry Mae Lorraine. She is joined by Senior Chief Dag Johansen, Quartermaster Tom Hamblin, Cook Louis Chiasson, and the rest of her crew.

Can-do shipyard manager Damien Darzell is the youngest son of the family which owns the ferry (he was briefly introduced in Royals) and New York City street cop Sean Lamont (East River Trust) is a passenger aboard the boat with his wife Helen and their new twin boys, bound for a long overdue vacation on the island.

I’ll introduce the “bad players” when the unthinkable happens to the m/v Mae Lorraine — with 260 passengers and 98 cars and trucks onboard — in the fog halfway between Cape Cod and Nantucket.

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